Apple & Nectarine Breakfast Crumble

By: Tahlia Thomas
Apple & Nectarine Breakfast Crumble


  1. Dice apple and nectarine into smaller bite size chunks
  2. Melt down the coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat
  3. Add apple, nectarine, raw honey and cinnamon and saut the fruit
  4. Pour in coconut milk and oats, stir well and bring to a slight simmer
  5. Serve topped with chia seeds and extra cinnamon if you wish
  6. Enjoy!
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Tahlia Thomas

Nutritionist & detox expert with a special focus on the gut microbiome. Passionate foodie and outdoor adventurer, who is driven by her goals to help others on the journey to live each day with love, intention & nourishment. Tahlia supports the 28 Day Detox community; and her love of all things Happy Healthy You has seen her regularly creating recipes and writing educational articles. You can follow more of Tahlia's nutrition adventures on Instagram at @tahliathomasnutrition

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