Toxic Overload: Does It Prevent Weight Loss?

Toxic Overload: Does It Prevent Weight Loss?

Trying to shed a few pounds but still not happy with the results? Well, you’re not alone!

A lot of people carefully watch what they eat and exercise regularly, yet still, find it difficult to achieve their ideal weight and body shape. If you believe you’re one of them, it’s high time you look into some other factors that might be preventing you from losing weight.

Is a high toxic load preventing you from achieving a happy weight?

The human body is simply amazing. We have various channels of elimination that work together in a sophisticated manner to safely neutralize and eliminate internal and external toxins. If our body receives proper nutrition in sufficient quantities, we manage to effectively eliminate what we no longer need in a variety of ways – through perspiration, respiration, urination, bowel motions, nasal discharge, and ear wax, among others.

However, if our body is producing and taking in more toxins than it can safely eliminate, a state of toxicity can and does occur. This means that our skin, lungs, bowel, liver and kidneys don’t work together efficiently and in turn, the exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal) toxins wreak havoc on the body. These toxins include environmental pollutants such as heavy metals, drugs, persistent organic pollutants, chemicals, xenoestrogens and pesticides, as well as the by-products of our digestive and metabolic processes.

But how does all this lead to weight gain?

Well, we have a protective mechanism that occurs in the presence of toxicity. It involves the sequestering of toxins and we do this by storing them in adipose (fat) tissue. In fact, we even CREATE fat cells to store these toxins if needed. Moreover, we won't let go of this fat mass if we haven't detoxified the hidden toxins from them yet. It's a beautiful protective mechanism but leaves us unable to shift fat despite our best efforts.

Toxin buildup may be causing you to gain weight.

If you feel your diet and lifestyle have exposed your body to the toxins listed above whether through alcohol consumption, smoking, medications, pollution, eating poor quality foods or working with chemicals – then it may be time for you to undergo a thorough cleanse.

Reduce your toxic load now!

Happy Liver combined with Happy Greens and Happy Weight is an excellent place to start. You then need to support the cleansing process with a clean eating, low processed food eating plan. Our 8-Week Program is the perfect place to start that can guide you. 



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