Seed Cycling for Hormonal Health

Seed Cycling for Hormonal Health

Have you considered the simple concept of seed cycling to align your monthly cycle?

Seed cycling is the concept of using the nourishment of seeds to help bring your hormones and menstrual cycle back into balance.  

It's the practice of eating a combination of specific seeds throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle to promote hormonal harmony. 

The dense nutritional components of the seeds help to support, regulate and clear our female hormones throughout the monthly cycle. Aligning the rhythms of oestrogen and progesterone are important aspects of creating a permanent improvement on the cyclic nature of symptoms. 

These seeds help to feed the requirements of the specific hormones at different phases of the female menstrual cycle and, although small in size, they make a difference when they become part of your staple food choices for long-term lifestyle health by daily clean eating.

Seeds are nutrient-rich little powerhouses, full of positive reinforcements, such as Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, lignans, folic acid and provide invaluable anti-inflammatory action - all of which are important to support the ebb and flow of our hormones.

Our endocrine system is highly sensitive. If it's in disarray then we manifest psychological, emotional and physical ailments since the intricate system of glands and hormones are depleted of their vital reserves to function properly. 

The nutrients in pumpkin and flax seeds combined encourage oestrogen production needed for the follicular phase. Sunflower seeds and sesame seeds promote progesterone release in the luteal phase and support healthy hormonal metabolism and detoxification from the system.

How do you use seeds daily to ensure that you are getting all that you can from these highly beneficial seeds? 

These small but mighty ingredients add texture & bursts of flavour to meals. It's so easy - add them to smoothies, decorate salads with them, mix them into muffins or cookies, or munch on a handful to maximise your health. We have loads of healthy recipes on the website to try.

TIP: To get the best out of your seeds, you should soak them overnight. This allows the seeds to soften, making them easier to digest. Then placing them into a smoothie can break up the seeds to release all the nutrition and minimise any chance of the seeds not being digested properly. For ladies with diverticulitis, this method also reduces any issues.


Seed cycling is a simple, yet powerful method to help give your body the nutrition it needs at the right times of the month. A combination with Happy Hormones, which regulates the hormone control centre in the brain - the hypothalamus/pituitary axis - AND Happy DIM to improve hormonal excretion, you have a powerful system to regulate your cycle naturally, without having to resort to harmful synthetic hormones or drugs.



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