Happy Hormones Plyocentric Exercises

Happy Hormones Plyocentric Exercises

Exercise is important for our body to function effectively. The more regular and varied the exercise the better it is for your body.

But not all exercise is equal for hormonal imbalances. Walking, for example, is great for general wellbeing but will not have a direct effect on improving your symptoms.

Exercise can be used for general wellbeing to improve circulation, digestive function, lymph system, improve energy production and helps to release stress.

One of the main benefits to exercise is increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage. If the exercise is general then the effect is general. But what if we know where we want to increase circulation and lymph flow?

Then we can develop a set of exercises to actively target a specific area, i.e the pelvic region. If we can send blood to the pelvic region in an intensive manner, then the tissues get flooded with healing oxygen. And where blood enters, it must exit, thus carrying away waste products and toxins released from the tissues as a result of the targeted exercise.

With increased blood flow also comes better circulation of hormones. In combination with the balancing of the endocrine system and hormone levels from Happy Hormones, the increase in circulation allows for hormone levels to enter and leave the pelvic region efficiently.

With poor circulation & stagnation, hormone levels can accumulate and have an overstimulating effect.

We often forget about our lymph system, however, the pelvic region is highly concentrated in lymph tissue. When the lymph becomes stagnant and doesn't flow properly, then toxins accumulate and hormones cannot escape as well.

Mobilising lymph is critical in the healing process. The end result is a better tone for the pelvic muscles; increased circulation to encourage healing; a smooth-flowing lymph system to drain toxins, leaving a healthy and happy pelvic region.

The Happy Hormones Plyocentric exercises should be completed 1 to 2 times per day for the maximum effect.

Depending on your level of fitness, start at 10 of each exercise, building up to 20 once you're used to the intensity of the movements, and can manage the fitness required.

We have created a complimentary video with the help of Yogini Oho to help you get started, however, once you know the steps, you can happily perform them anywhere.

So what's stopping you? Please share with your family and friends to popularise this simple, yet highly effective set of movements.




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