HH Pumpernickel Sandwiches

By: Katrina Butterworth
HH Pumpernickel Sandwiches
A quick, easy and tasty breakfast, lunch or snack to get you through the day!


  1. Toast your selected bread.
  2. Top two slices with the peanut butter/cashew butter etc. On one slice top with sliced banana and 1/2 the honey, on the other slice top with the sliced fresh fig and the remaining honey.
  3. Top two slices with ricotta cheese, on one slice add the fresh basil leaves and sliced tomato, on the other slice top with the sliced strawberries, and sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar over each one.
  4. Season with salt and pepper and Enjoy!!
  5. * Notes :Cut slices in half if they are too big depending on your choice of bread.There are so many great natural nut butters available now. Look for the ones that have no extra salt. sugar or oil added. Mayvery's has an excellent range including their Coconut Super Spread, these can be found in Coles or Woolworths in Australia.

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Katrina Butterworth

Photographer and foodie, equally passionate about both, Katrina combines her love for photography and food. This has allowed her to create some amazing recipes all based around the Happy Hormones eating guidelines of high antioxidant content and alkaline in nature.

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