Had your Happy GREENS today?

A unique blend of fermented green superfoods to help maintain a healthy hormone metabolism.

Happy Greens

How do I take it?

Happy Greens is a liquid, so you can take it on its own as a shot every day, or mix it into your favourite juice, smoothie or drink.

Can I take this alongside Happy Hormones?

Absolutely! It's been designed to work alongside Happy Hormones to help support a healthy hormone metabolism.

Does it replace a green powder?

Not really. Happy Greens is specifically designed for women with hormone metabolism issues. Green powders are a more general nutritive tonic.

Does it replace the Liva Detox?

Not really. The Liva Detox is a broad spectrum liver support supplement. The liver has many pathways for detoxification; and with Happy Greens we are focusing mainly on hormone metabolism.

Does it replace Happy TURMERIC, since it contains turmeric?

No, they have different therapeutic actions. The amount of turmeric in Happy GREENS isn't enough for a strong anti-inflammatory action. Happy GREENS is a product to enhance hormone regulation.

Should I add Happy GREENS to my range of Happy Healthy YOU products?

If you have hormone metabolism issues then yes. If not, then no.

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