Summertime Crush with Green Tea & Pineapple

By: Katrina Butterworth
Summertime Crush with Green Tea & Pineapple

A delicious weekend treat!


  1. In a heat proof bowl put the tea bags, honey and boiling water, stir to dissolve honey. Then cool and remove tea bags.
  2. In a high-speed blender put the cooled tea mixture, mint, pineapple and lime rind. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour into a 20 x 30 cm shallow tin and freeze for 6 hours or overnight until frozen. Remove from the freezer and rake with a fork, return to the freezer until ready to serve.
  4. Serve with lime wedges, a delicious healthy treat!
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Katrina Butterworth

Photographer and foodie, equally passionate about both, Katrina combines her love for photography and food. This has allowed her to create some amazing recipes all based around the Happy Hormones eating guidelines of high antioxidant content and alkaline in nature.

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