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Menopause Management Program

Menopause can be a difficult time of life, with conventional medicines only offering limited options. Our Menopause Management Program offers a step-by-step approach to managing your symptoms effectively and naturally.


Our range of products has been designed to help maintain and restore hormonal balance. Each woman is different, but our products work to balance the hormonal control centre in the brain.

Dr Jeff Butterworth N.D

Jeff has 25 years of experience treating hormonal issues. His clinical practise led him to formulate Happy Hormones, a natural supplement that restores hormonal balance. Women across Australia have been enjoying the results of Happy Hormones for the last 5 years. Now it's available in the USA.

Our Approach

Our approach is straightforward and effective. It has been developed over 25 years of working with menopausal women in Australia and New Zealand, and when we identify certain key factors, and can balance them correctly, it can lead to dramatic shifts in the way your body responds to hormonal changes. We've done this thousands of times before... I know we can help you too.

Dr Jeff Butterworth N.D

Our Professional Team

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Online Assessment

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Happy Hormones

I've been taking Happy Hormones on and off for a few years now. When I'm on it, my menopause symptoms are drastically reduced. I've recently tried the capsules but even though I don't like the taste of the powder much, I think it works better for me.

Life changing

Truely makes a difference. I tell anyone who'll listen, how great this is.

Happy Hormones Oral Powder

I've been using Happy Hormones for years and definitely noticed a difference when I stopped for a short while. Won't be doing that again! :-) Fantastic product and highly recommend.

Very Happy with Happy Hormones

I have been very happy using both capsule and powder form of HH for last two months.
Look forward to receiving my Coconut Kefir Starter kit to try next.

Good service

I've ordered HH a few times and am happy with the product. Shipping is fast and efficient.
Thank ou

It helps

Have been using HH powder for past few months. It definitely helps with my swings in body temp and I think it helps me to feel calmer..... which is a great thing :)


After years of trying natural menopause alternatives including biodentical hormone troches without success I reluctantly resorted to HRT. Then I discovered HH capsules and it has changed my life! I'm 63 and my hot flushes have decreased significantly from thirty per day to only five. I can now sleep without constantly being woken up throughout the night. I'm also not so crabby so life is good. Thank you Jeff and team as I'm truly grateful to my Holy Grail of Happy Hormones!

Both of these products have helped me feel more balanced and less affected by hormonal imbalance. Would highly recommend them

Great product

I used to take HH a few years ago and they helped enormously. So I'm gluing back on it together with the Tumeric.

I have been taking HH for 3 months now and find that I'm back to my dynamic self. I have also just started using HG and have influenced my husband to use it.....loves it!

Have been taking for 1 month and feel calmer

I have been taking happy hormones, turmeric and liv'a detox for the last month and am feeling calmer and less irritated, which is great! thank you! :-)

Life changing

Happy Hormones has been a life saver for me. I started the transition into menopause and to be honest it was a bit bumpy. That time of the month was happening every 2-3 weeks, and very heavey. 3 weeks in of taking Happy Hormones and I went back to being regular again, I don't get grumpy, I don't have any signs of menopause other than my monthly is slowly stretching out, with longer times inbetween. I absolutely can't live with out HH. My husband even notices the difference.

Been on Happy Hormones for a couple of years and recently HT and HG. no longer take antidepressants and my anxiety is greatly improved.
Struggle with the expense occasionally but for something so good you make it work.

Happy Weight

LOVE the taste and ingredients in Happy Weight - Chocolate. I've seen great results from using this protein shake, enjoy drinking it for breakfast, and it makes me feel great afterwards too!

My life is HAPPY üòÉ

I have taken HH for nearly 7 years.... not because I was depressed, angry or emotional. It was due to my Hot Flushes.... that is non existent now and I am happy. I continue with them because I appreciate the fact that they are natural products and it's just habit now to take them. I have just turned 60 and I'm loving life I have introduced HT and HG over the last few months, for no specific reason but I feel good, I am active everyday an I feel It's the best decision I have ever made. I have and will always recommend these amazing products. Thank you to the HHY team.

Happy hormones

My third time purchasing happy hormones capsules..I have definitely noticed a difference in my pms..and my unfortunate monthly pimples🤦‍♀️
The capsules have no taste so easy to take with water and have on my bedside table.
Definitely give it a go ladies .. I don't think you'll regret it üëåüòä


Big thumbs up. Have really noticed an all round difference.

First order

I have just placed my first order for the happy hormones and greens... hopefully the use of these will increase my energy levels and improve my mood...await delivery

Love my HH products

I've been taking HH powder now for over 2 years and HG and HT for about one year.I am really pleased with the products .I have had Thyroid related health issues for a very long time and these products have certainly helped with my over all well- being.

WOW..... I am me again

I am at my 3 anniversary on HH, I am me again.. NO daily migraines, mood swings, irrational outburts, crying anxieties (still have a little). I am 48 and apparently not going thru menopause. My GF put me on to HH for my migraines(hormonal) and anxieties. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.....

Happy happy

I'm 21 with the marina in (as I used to suffer irregular heavy periods) and have suffered from anxiety and depression for years. happy hormones turmeric and greens balance my moods make me not as irritable and control bloating and reflux. Can't rate high enough

Fabulous Products

Happy Hormones are absolutely fabulous and the web sight and feed back is awesome too . I recommend them to anyone that is thinking of trying them üòÄüëç

First Timer

I've just ordered my first batch of Happy Hormones. It was recommended to me by friends who have had good success. I told my sister about HH, who's menopausal symptoms have recently increased, so she ordered them. She is 5 1/2 days in and is already seeing improvement. I've tried all sorts of things, with no lasting success. So here's hoping HH gives me some relief. Especially with my hot flushes. Stay tuned. 🥵

HH gave me my life back

HH is amazing. My body has never worked better, my skin cleared up from terrible adult acne, my periods are regular and no longer painful and I have enough energy to get me through my busy weeks.

Endometriosis symptoms all but gone!

I started taking happy hormones and liva detox about 18 months ago following a recommendation from a colleague. I found that I started sleeping better and that I felt calmer and level headed. When I added happy greens and happy turmeric the painful endometriosis symptoms all but disappeared. I did modify my diet to mainly vegetarian, reduced dairy and gluten intake, take a daily dose of magnesium and have stopped drinking alcohol too - and have not looked back! It's funny because you think sometimes you don't need it any more, but having recently run out of happy greens and happy turmeric my endo pain has taken me by surprise and returned today so I have just placed my order... hurry up delivery person, I need this amazing stuff in my life!